Sunday, 22 March 2009

iriver E50 gets unboxed, reviewed

iriver's E50 PMP has had a bit of a roundabout launch since it first appeared on the scene back in December, but it looks like it's now finally available in at least a few parts of the world, and the folks at Le Journal du Geek have promptly gotten their hands on one and done the full unboxing and review honors. As was pretty clear from the early shots, this one's a sleek little device and, while it doesn't exactly pack a whole slew of features, it looks to perform all the basic tasks with welcome simplicity.

On the downside, the 1.8-inch screen apparently leaves a bit to be desired, especially when playing videos and, while the included earphones are a tad better than the usual fare, the sound quality from the player itself is apparently just average. Hit up the link below for the full blow-by-blow account, including a bonus unboxing / demo video.


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