Tuesday, 14 April 2009

SlashGear Reviews Samsung Impression

The Samsung Impression is one of the many phones AT&T dropped a few weeks back that features a full QWERTY keyboard. The Impression stands out from the rest as a full touchscreen device that uses an AMOLED display.

The phone mimics many smart phone features, and has a very polished UI that reacts smoothly to the user’s command. It’s honestly a great feature phone, yet the experience using it left me feeling I was using a very limited smart phone.


Anonymous said...

seriously one of the best phones i ever had, it freaking owns! i really recommend it if ur a huge texter, the keyboard a bit wide at first but i got used to it after the first 20text messages lol, plus 3mega pixel camera is nice, and the color, and it touch screen!! very awesome, 5 out 5 stars =)

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