Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Xtify and Intuit Team Up to Usher in New Era of Location-aware Business Apps in the Cloud

Xtify and Intuit today announced the “Intuit/Xtify Application Contest” to showcase the potential of integrating location-based services into rich Internet applications built on Intuit’s Platform as a Service. To reward innovation in the use of location technology, Intuit and Xtify are offering up to $12,500 in prize money to the top location applications for two prizes: one determined by a panel of judges and second based on user adoption of entrant applications.

To enter the contest, entrants must create and release a small-business-focused application built on the Intuit Partner Platform that leverages Xtify’s location-enabling platform. The Xtify API allows Web applications to utilize location data tracked by a thin client running on BlackBerry, Google Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian OS smartphones.

“Our goal is to provide developers with the latest development capabilities that help them build powerful apps that solve small businesses’ most critical problems,” said Chriss. “Giving developers the ability to incorporate location data into business applications will greatly benefit small businesses by enabling them to better serve their customers and collaborate more effectively.”

Full contest details, including entry criteria, downloads, a sample application, publishing directions and official rules can be found at www.developer.intuit.com/appcontest.


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