Sunday, 26 July 2009

Google Latitude Comes to Apple iPhone Platform

Alnect Komputer : Already available in Symbian, Android and Windows Mobile OS, Goolge has just announced its Google Latitude for Apple iPhone. It is currently available for users in US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The iPhone version of the friend location sharing is not a native application but released as a web application. You can visit from your iPhone’s web browser, and add a bookmark of the page to your home screen. While this application will be useful to share your location with others, the iPhone edition will not run in the background and you will have to open the web application everytime you want to update your location.

Our Latitude web app provides all the core functionality you might expect: you can see the location of your friends on a map and modify your privacy settings so that you control how your location is shared and with whom. In fact, if my friends and colleagues back in London haven’t yet noticed my absence, they’ll see in Latitude that I’m currently vacationing on the beach in Australia. Hi guys, remember me!?

We worked closely with Apple to bring Latitude to the iPhone in a way Apple thought would be best for iPhone users. After we developed a Latitude application for the iPhone, Apple requested we release Latitude as a web application in order to avoid confusion with Maps on the iPhone, which uses Google to serve maps tiles.


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