Friday, 5 June 2009

BlueAnt Introduces the S1 Sun Visor Bluetooth Car Speakerphone with Multipoint

BlueAnt has unveiled its new S1 car speakerphone today, which supports multipoint technology that can connect to two mobile phones at the same time. Both users can make calls through the S1, and if either phone rings the call automatically transfers to the speakerphone.

The S1 is just as easy to use as its predecessors in the BlueAnt range: answering a call is as simple as saying the word “Answer.” There is no need to take your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. If your phone has a voice dial feature, then you can make calls using your voice too.

The S1 also introduces A2DP music streaming, allowing users to play music through the S1’s high performance speaker from any mobile phone that supports the A2DP Bluetooth profile. At a single charge, the S1 car speakerphone will provide up to 15 hours of talk time and 800 hours of standby time.


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