Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Nissan looking to give an inductive charge to its upcoming Zero Emissions Vehicle

Alnect Komputer : It won't be quite the same as putting a Palm Touchstone under your tire -- although that's quite the mental image -- but Nissan's thinking big and planning to apply that same inductive charging technology for its upcoming five-seat Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV). As envisioned by the company, the ideal scenario would be to drive into a compatible charging bay and power up without the need to haul around a plug like current EV owners do -- Nissan Europe's Larry Haddad estimates a 25 minute shopping trip could be enough to refill the battery back up to 80 percent.

In an admittedly more far-fetched case, the company said it's scientifically feasible to have charging plates buried just under the surface of the road for on-the-go charging. With realities like money and practicality in the way, we can't imagine that example to fruition anytime soon. In the meantime, we've still gotta wait until August to even gather a glimpse of the ZEV -- maybe by then we'll get a better idea of Nissan's plans for the technology.


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